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Reader Contribution by Shelby Devore and Farminence
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I get it. It can seem hard to shop for homesteaders.  It can seem like they already have everything.  Or, if they are frugal people, it can be hard to figure out what to get them without feeling like you’re buying a gift just to buy them something.

So what can you do?


All homesteaders know that there is always something else that they can learn or something else that they need to be doing in their homesteading routine.  Maybe you want to learn how to make cheese or the best ways to use free pallet wood.  Sometimes you just need a little instruction to get you motivated.

Look for books in the following topics:

  • livestock health
  • permaculture
  • herb uses
  • medicinal gardening
  • foraging for food
  • food preservation
  • green energy sources
  • soap making
  • fermenting
  • cheese making

These topics have tons of books available and are sure to give them valuable information that they can use. 


Even the homesteader that seems to have everything doesn’t have everything.  Remember when I mentioned that most homesteaders are frugal by nature?  Chances are that they have been eyeing that new automatic chicken coop door or bigger chainsaw for a while now but can’t justify spending the money so they ‘make do’ with what they’ve got.  This is a great way to check off that big ticket box on your Christmas list.

Don’t worry though, not all tools are big ticket items.  In fact, many tools that homesteaders want but don’t spend the money on are fairly cheap.  You’ll be surprised all the homesteading equipment that you can purchase for less than $50.

Here are some tools that can be a huge help on a homestead:

  • manure rakes and shovels
  • raised garden beds
  • wheelbarrows and yard carts
  • pressure washers
  • chainsaws
  • rechargeable drills and other tools
  • water hoses, drip hoses and sprinklers
  • small greenhouses
  • seeds, soil and fertilizers
  • animal health care products

For the Home

Farmhouse decor is super trendy right now, making it extremely easy for you to find tasteful farm related decor for your homesteading friends.  If you want to get them a classic farmhouse decor piece, look for items that are white washed, wooden, and rustic.  You’ll also be able to find plenty of options for the homesteading friend that loves their cows, chickens pigs or other livestock.

Treat your Friend

Homesteading, farming and gardening are all hard work.  The physical toll of scooping, weeding, feeding, sowing seeds and other tasks can strain the body.  You can give your friend tools to ease the burden of the physical work that their body endures.

Here are a few ideas that can help make your homesteading friend’s life easier:

  • well made rubber boots or muck boots
  • sturdy leather gloves with padded knuckles and inner hands
  • a lightweight gardening bench with pockets to hold tools
  • a boot puller to keep by the door
  • soothing body products (bubble bath, epsom salts, bath minerals) Bonus points if they are homemade!

There are so many gifts that you can give your hardworking friends.  With a little bit of thought, you’ll be able to give them a gift that they truly love.

Shelby DeVore is an agricultural enthusiast that enjoys writing about gardening, raising livestock and simple living. You can read her most recent posts on her homesteading blog Farminence.


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