Ft. Garland, Colorado – Part 6

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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The first five parts about our area dealt with an introduction, our great grocery store, hardware store, restaurants, and our community park dedicated to veterans.  This final part deals with what we have the most of and that is good affordable land for a vacation home or permanent residence.  We have miles of small acreage lots ranging from a few acres to 5+ acres.  The mountain views are breath taking and the weather seasonable. ee above photo contributed by Leland Dirks of one of the views.   Some lots are in the San Luis Valley at around 6,500′ in elevation.  Some go much higher in elevation.  Electricity is not available for some of the lots and an alternative power source has to be arranged.  Solar power seems to be the most popular method of providing off  grid electricity. 

 Alamosa Colorado is the nearest sizable city and it is about 40 miles away to the west.  About equal distance to the east of our area is Walsenburg which is just off Interstate 25.  To our south is New Mexico.  Some of  our area is semi-arid but sources for potable water are available.  Lots the size of 5 acres run from  $6,000.00 and  up depending on whether the lot has  available electricity or is on a creek or reservoir. Mountain side lots start for about the same.  Some people move to our area because the land is affordable and easily developed plus the living is healthy.  When we lived in the east we paid  property taxes on a small city lot annually for about what it costs to buy several acres here.  Costilla County does have a land use code and some areas are covenant controlled.  Both are in place to protect land values and to insure someone doesn’t move onto the property next to you and start an offensive or annoying business or lifestyle.  Some of the land is sage brush, some pinion pine and some mature growth pine, fir, spruce and hardwood trees. 

The prior articles describe the desirability of living in the area where we do.  We have several friends in the communities surrounding Ft. Garland and they have developed their property and live comfortably.  The property taxes are very reasonable compared to some areas back east where we have resided.  Most areas have developed slowly so that population density in our area  is probably the best in the State of Colorado. Population crowding is unlikely.  We feel very fortunate to live in an area like this and have the amenities available that we do. 

We have excellent hunting having mule deer, elk, bear and turkey in  abundance.  We have great fishing with various types of trout.  We have some gold metal trout fishing streams within a couple hours drive and there is excellent fishing in our local streams and reservoirs.  There are miles of county maintained roads to hike, bicycle or explore. We enjoy being only an hours drive from the Great Sand Dunes National Park and also two state parks where camping and fishing are available.  We have several golf courses within an hours drive but since I don’t play golf I can only attest to what I’ve heard:  that they are challenging and well maintained.  

We think we live in a very good area which is affordable, has a good climate and is made even better with good people.  I have enjoyed reporting on our area and hope readers have enjoyed reading about Ft. Garland and vicinity.  To follow our lifestyle and topics on our area go to:  http://www.brucecarolcabin.blogspot.com