Fort Garland, Colorado – Part 3

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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 Living in a small community like Ft. Garland has many more positives than negatives.  One positive is having a  convenient business like the Post Commissary available to supply every conceivable item of  hardware you could possibly need or want.  They stock every tool, building supply,  hardware item and fishing product that a person might need.  Once you step inside the door it is like going back 60 or more years in time and how I remember hardware stores being when I was a youngster.  From the hardwood floors to the glass window display cases including the smells.  It invites a warm feeling when you enter the store.  Add the fact it is a well stocked hardware and the owners are more than willing to help you find exactly the right item to do your project or repair. The owners are willing to explain how that repair can be done  and provide helpful tips and instruction.  They  take all the time needed to instruct and guide you through the repair and are willing to answer your questions.  I am always greeted warmly and with friendliness which makes it my choice of hardware stores.  Not to mention it is close at hand and the prices are reasonable.

The next name brand hardware store is 45 miles away and in my estimation does not compare to the friendliness of the Post Commissary.  We save driving time and money by making our purchases locally, while supporting a local business and we are known personally there.    

Fifteen years ago when we first moved here the Post Commissary was owned by an elderly gentleman named Jim and was called Jim’s Post Commissary.  Jim has since passed on and it is now owned by two brothers, Matt and Bill and is now just called the Post Commissary.   These two guys couldn’t be more knowledgeable about hardware, building supplies and again it is a locally friendly place to go to.  I don’t ever recall having to look for a clerk to help me like most big name stores and I also don’t ever recall not finding what I need for my project or repair.    

Having a well stocked and reasonably priced hardware store available in such a small community is clearly one of the many benefits of living in our  area.  These two brothers have guided me though  repairs and provided me the needed parts and instruction to make sure I could do it right. This is a priceless benefit of rural living by having a store like this available.  

Ft. Garland was named after an actual fort that was built here when the area was first developing to protect the settlers against raiding Indians.  It was commanded by Kit Carson, a well known frontiersman.  Post Commissary, as its name implies, follows the theme of the original fort.  Fort Garland has since been turned into a museum and is a State historic site.  Our small community is steeped in history and relatively unchanged from when it was first established.  Going into a building like the Post Commissary takes you back in time and history.   You have at hand a well stocked hardware and in addition the small town friendliness that is seldom found elsewhere. The only thing missing is the hitch rail out front for saddle horses.  It is always an enjoyable experience to shop there and it supports our local economy and therefore benefits us all.  Take a soda out on the porch and let your mind go just a little and you will imagine you are seeing history drift by.  It is a nostalgic place to visit and purchase needed hardware.  Readers who have been following my blogs about our area should be starting to see why we consider this such a great area to live in.      

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