Fort Garland, Colorado – Introduction

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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Psssst, don’t spread it around but Ft. Garland, Colorado may be one of the best places to live in the country.  As you drive along US Route 160 which starts in Colorado at Bartlett in the Southeast corner of the Colorado, and runs West to Cortez, on the Southwest corner of Colorado, about half way along you will pass through Ft. Garland, between LaVeta Pass and Alamosa, Colorado. At first glance you will see a typical small Western city of approximately 400 people.  If you stop to visit you will see what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in friendliness and hospitality.  The above photo shows highway 160 between one of the developments and the mountain range. Highway 160 is the only East to West highway in the Southern part of Colorado and crosses two mountain ranges.  Ft. Garland  is the gateway to the San Luis valley which I am told is easily seen from the International Space Station.  

As you approach Ft. Garland you notice miles of empty land and careful observation will reveal roads running through the vastness.  What we have here is lots of land that is ideal for a permanent full time home or a vacation home.  In my opinion the land is extremely reasonable and runs from around $6,000.00 for 5 + acres up depending on desirability and proximity of electricity.  Where we had lived in Pennsylvania prior to moving here full time 15 years ago our property taxes on a city lot were more than the price of  5 Acres here.  There are several developments adjacent to Ft. Garland that are affordable clean living. What sets the community apart is the small town friendliness and hospitality.  

It doesn’t matter much where you live in the area as panoramic views of snow capped mountains are breath taking.  It is  only a few minutes drive to be in the mountains and some developments have home sites right in the  Sangre de Christo mountains.  With reservoirs and streams through out the area there is ample water recreation as well as miles of roads which see little or no traffic for hiking and biking. 

What really tips the scales however is the small town friendliness of those who live here.  Add the convenience of finding all the necessities that big cities have to offer, healthy living, Ft. Garland and surrounding  communities just seem a good place to be.   This is the first in a series of  blogs in which I will report about our local grocery store, restaurants, the Commissary, Veterans Park and the affordability of land.  For us it is the most ideal place in the country to breath fresh air, and enjoy healthy living.  Factor in the friendliness of the people and you have a pretty good living environment, at a price most people can afford.  Homesteading in Ft. Garland, Colorado is just about as good as it gets.  Check out the next few blogs and you will see why I can state this in truth and with purpose.

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