Ten Food Resolutions for 2014 (No Dieting Involved)

Reader Contribution by Homegrown.Org

Haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet? No worries. HOMEGROWN has you covered with ten ways to change the world in 2014, starting in your own backyard. Shovels ready? Let’s dig in!

1.Finally learn what all those food labels mean.

2.Plan a week’s meals ahead of time.

3.Start an educational garden for kids . . .

4. . . . or a moveable feast for an adult in need.

5.Buy a whole pig.

6.Host a food swap.

7.Build a food-focused community.

8.Launch a food recovery program.

9.Start a CSA (even if you don’t have a farm).

10.Write a HOMEGROWN 101!

Want to start on a slightly smaller scale? Visit the HOMEGROWN 101 library for how-tos on all kinds of projects, from roasting your own coffee to growing asparagus. And keep us posted on how things go!

Photos by Junior Gardener courtesy of City Blossoms; Food Swap Jar by Gregory Han; Preparing Squash courtesy of the Greenhouse.

This post originally appeared on HOMEGROWN.org.