Fixing an old barn roof

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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It took a while to save enough money to get the barn roof repaired, but it seemed to take even longer in our search to find someone who was experienced and confident enough to take on a 2 story roof repair project like this. The guy we hired showed up at 7am with a couple of helpers and an excellent attitude towards safety, which was important for us since our location is so rural that an ambulance would be hard pressed to get within half a mile of the barn.

We made a post recently on why we decided to choose an electric golf cart over a gas powered ATV that generated some informative comments from readers who use one or both to help with their homesteading chores.

Anna finished her final volume of the Weekend Homesteader book project and tells readers how they can obtain a free copy.

If you’re lucky enough to have fruit trees on your property then now is the time to start thinking about pruning. Anna’s got some nice before and after pictures of our peach tree that’s been slowly making it to maturity. She’s been reading a lot on the subject over the past 5 years and breaks down our method so everyone can easily understand how to do it themselves.

On a more fun note we took advantage of a super nice Saturday this past weekend to help Anna’s brother Joey build this new mini chicken coop. His idea of using an old plastic cargo carrier for the roof worked out very nicely. You can’t see it in the picture, but the main frame is two solid doors attached in an “L” shaped pattern.

Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess are full time homesteaders. They are obsessed with chickens: how they eat, drink, and forage. They support their homesteading lifestyle by building and selling a new type of automatic chicken waterer and a DIY  version in a kit form.

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