What Is Your Favorite Animal Tale?

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt
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InLife on the Homestead, an excerpt from Jenna Woginrich’s book, Made from Scratch, Jenna recounts sitting on a friend’s porch watching the “farm channel.” Her friend comes out of the house to look and says, “I’ve seen that episode.” A TV on the porch? Nope, just the daily antics of the farm residents chickens, goats, pigs, horses …

If you have animals, you know how funny, endearing and frustrating they can be on occasion — great fodder for sitting-on-the-porch storytelling opportunities.

For instance, in a previous life I owned a pot-bellied pig that would get lonesome and walk about an eighth of a mile into the field to hang out with the horses. She could have come up to the porch and hung with the dogs, but she seemed to prefer horses. This was fine, except she never was aware when it was getting to be dusk. There she would be, stuck in the field. Alone. In the dark, snuffling and complaining. I would walk into the field calling her name, shine a flash light in front of her and we would walk, very slowly, with her following the little pool of light all the way back to her cozy pen.

Whether you have city dogs, cats or birds, or a farm full of livestock, you have some great stories to tell. Please share your favorite in the comments section below.

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