Extracting Honey Economically

| 12/2/2013 10:38:00 AM

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How does a small beekeeping operation get all that sweet honey goodness out of the comb?Bee Escape

There are two basic ways to remove honey from the cells of the honey comb. The drip or squeeze method and spinning it out in a centrifuge extractor.

For a beekeeper with only one Langstroth style hive the drip method may suffice. Cut off the wax cappings and lay the frame over a container. After a few hours, the honey will have dripped out of the cells. Repeat with the other side. To harvest a top bar hive, cut off the honey comb, place in several layers of cheesecloth and squeeze. This is slow but economical in terms of tools and machinery. The only investment is a sharp knife and some cheesecloth. This is the cheapest route to honey on your toast.

At Five Feline Farm, the drip method is too slow. We are not a big operation, but have no patience for hours of dripping honey. To process anything over four or six frames, (about half of one super) a mechanical method of extraction is preferred. Beekeeping supply companies sell extractors that will support anything from a small hobby operation to a large commercial enterprise. All well and good but since we were just getting started, we did not want to invest in an expensive extractor. Off to the Internet for a solution.

Uncapping A Frame Of Honey


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