Easy Mold Retardant

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Photo courtesy indigolotos/Fotolia
Vinegar can help stave off mold from cheese.

Because my partner and I have started eating less meat, we
find ourselves eating more cheese. We try to buy the
cheeses in bulk or blocks because it’s less expensive, but
we found it would often develop mold long before we could
eat it. To resolve that problem, we wrapped the cheeses
in-what else? — cheesecloth. But here’s the secret trick:
we wet the whole bundle down on all sides with plain white
vinegar and keep the moistened bundles in a plastic Ziploc
in the fridge. As long as the cheesecloth is kept damp with
vinegar, we have found that mold takes much longer to form.
I keep all of my cheeses in one or two bags and remoisten
them with vinegar as needed. You can also cut the labels
from the packages and rubber-band them to the individual
chunks. This step isn’t necessary, but it saves you from
having to unwrap each bundle to distinguish cheddar from
colby! Furthermore, the cheesecloth is very inexpensive and
reusable, just wash with hot soapy water and hang to dry.
When it becomes threadbare, use it to tie up your tomato
plants or toss it in the compost. Good of cheesecloth, who
woulda thought?