Do You Have Dirt Road Memories?

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray

We live on a dirt road and have for years.  We love our dirt road.   For those who have never lived on a dirt road you are probably not going to understand how we folks who do actually cherish our  roads.  

For example:  The dust that vehicles cause to go airborne;  even with  your windows closed,  finds its way inside and manages to cover everything in your home.  It finds its way into every nook or crack in your home.   Or the time you were walking down the road and a vehicle passed you  and left you choking in a cloud of road dust.  The constant grit on your teeth. The irritation to your eyes.   The ruts, bumps, washboard and then after a nice rain, the dreaded mud.  How mud coats the bottom of your vehicle along with a nice even coat of thin mud all over the remainder of your vehicle.  That dirty vehicle you see in the parking lot probably got there via a dirt road.   Some roads have nice gravel on them but it doesn’t seem to last long. They work into the dirt or are pushed over to the side.   Then there are roads like ours which has a lot of clay and how it sticks to your shoes and can be slippery.  Or trying to ride a bicycle on a rutted or washboard road.  How you have to tighten nuts and bolts on your vehicle often because of the washboard effect it has on slowly working them loose.  All the times your teeth slam together when you hit a rock or pot hole you forgot was there for the umpteenth time.

Or the short time right after a rainstorm when the air smells so fresh and pure and everything looks wonderfully fresh. Especially those trees, weeds, flowers and shrubs that have had the dust washed off them.  Even the grass looks greener after a rain shower.  Not your vehicle though, it takes some elbow grease to get the dirt off to see the shine again. There are just some things that are special  about living on a dirt road.  Paved streets and gutters just don’t seem to be as good but then they don’t have the aggravation you find on a dirt road. Nothing like walking barefoot down a dirt road in the summer.  Don’t try that on a paved road though.

So if you have a fond memory, or maybe one not so fond, about life on a dirt road please take the time to share it with all of us in the comments section.  Seems the aggravation is substantial but then why do we so often love our dirt roads?  So if you have dirt road memories, please share them with those who have no idea what living on a dirt road is like.  Thank you.

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