Dear MOTHER: August/September 2015

Reader letters about making homemade bread, welcoming the next generation of homesteaders, battling a homeowners association about a front yard garden, voting with the dollar, publishing American Spirits tobacco ads, and more.

| August/September 2015

Inspiring the Next Generation

I read the article Most Useful Tools for a Half-Acre Homestead by Lloyd Kahn in your June/July 2015 issue, and I’m so inspired by the idea of building my own home. I’m 23 years old, and I’m discovering the world of sustainability while thinking about building my own personal homestead. I’m still young, but I hope to have a home and garden that I put a lot of care and hard work into, while making a mindful effort to repurpose materials.

I’ve always been excited to see Mother Earth News in my mailbox, and I want to assure you that even the younger generation is interested in fostering a healthy planet, body and mind. Your magazine has given me a lot of tricks and tips to get started on being more self-sufficient. Thanks for the inspiration! 

Jackilyn Andrews
Eureka, California

A Baking Breakthrough

I picked up the 2015 Guide to Fresh Food All Year special issue and read it cover to cover. I really enjoyed all the stories. I’m a city boy longing for a country life. When I came across William Rubel’s article Delicious and Easy Homemade Bread, I thought, “Yeah, right. We’ll see.” I’ve tried making bread before and failed miserably. Just ask my wife, kids and even my dog — they’ve all tried to cut, chew and swallow the results of my bread-baking attempts.

Although I was reluctant, Rubel said it was easy, so off I went on another baking adventure. This time, my loaves turned out great. The entire family enjoyed them so much that the dog didn’t get any! Well, OK, he got a little — but only because he’s a part of the family, too. I was also pleasantly surprised by how long the bread stayed fresh — about 10 days! 

Mike Hyder
Holly Springs, North Carolina

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