Dear MOTHER: August/September 2013

Reader letters about self-sufficiency and sustainable living, the U.S. Army’s net-zero initiative, backyard chickens, the White House garden, the Puyallup MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, an outdoor wood boiler, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, raised garden beds and pressure canning.

| August/September 2013

Moo-ved to Milk

My husband and I have been reading MOTHER EARTH NEWS for about seven years, and we love it.

I can name each article that gave us a “we can do this” idea. The greatest one we implemented was raising our own cow for meat and milk. It really was easy when we followed the article, and we have been milking now for five years.

Thanks to articles on backyard chickens and the best chicken breeds, we now sell eggs at the farmers market. Thanks to an article on growing your own grains, we have wheat ripening now, and an old Allis Chalmers All-Crop pull-type combine ready to harvest it — just to name a few successes.

When an organic transitioning consultant came to create a plan for our farm, he was absolutely floored at our level of self-sufficiency.

Carrie McColl
Nebo, Kentucky

GI Joes: Now Even Greener

As an avid reader, I was thrilled to see the summary of the Army’s continuing net-zero efforts in a recent issue (The U.S. Army Net-Zero Initiative, April/May 2013).

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