Courtesy Photo Of A Bear To Share

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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When we are presented with a rare opportunity we seize it if we can.  Such an opportunity was presented when yesterday a friend asked us if we wanted a photo he had taken of a bear in his front yard.  Not one to turn down a chance like this I told him I would love to share his photo with our personal blog readers and those who read the Happy Homesteader in Mother Earth News.  The photo is one of a bear with a pack rat in its mouth.  A very rare photo if you ask me and I was happy to share it with readers.

He had installed a trail camera in his front yard to see just what went on out there when he wasn’t looking.  Imagine his astonishment when he checked the camera and saw this photo.  The amazing part is that he and his wife were inside eating lunch and had no idea that the bear was right off their deck.  When you live in the remote Sangre de Cristo mountains like we do life can be full of  surprise’s like this.  Earlier this year he had been on a walk and managed to take  a photo of a mountain lion looking out from behind a tree at his wife and him.  My friend and his wife are hearty people with strong hearts. 

This is one of the many wildlife pleasures that we often enjoy.  I simply have to have one of those cameras to use. I tried to open the back door last night to shoot a photo of a herd of elk in our back yard and the slight sound of the door opening sent them running. With a camera like that I would not have had to try to quietly sneak out with three dogs on my heels, and would have had numerous photos to choose from.  All the better to share with readers to demonstrate why mountain living is not only different but exciting as well.  Enjoy!

Bear with a pack rat in its jaws. Photo courtesy of D.J. Harter.