Composting Toilet Compromise

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Anna and I have debated the pros and cons of different composting toilet solutions and decided to finally make a post on why we decided to go with the most simple and easiest to build composting toilets.

I finally got around to taking apart one of our old chicken tractors we stopped using when we switched to a poultry pasture rotation system. What surprised me was how well the recycled carpet is holding up after all these years.

We got 10 pounds of annual Rye grass to experiment with as a cover crop. Anna’s got the details on why this particular cover crop could become part of our new system to control weeds better. Our local feed store sells it for 60 cents a pound.

The new Muck boots I got 2 months ago are turning out to be one of the best sets of work boots I’ve ever worn. I’ve got a breakdown of how awesome they are along with some reader comments who have also experienced the joy of Muck.

It’s the time of year when we start incubating fertilized eggs for the 2012 flock of broilers we plan to process and freeze. This year we decided to upgrade our brood coop, and I’ve got a couple of posts on that building project.

Mark Hamilton and Anna Hess have been learning about modern day homesteading for the last 6 years in Southwest Appalachia. They are fascinated by the process of growing their own food and pay the bills by making and selling a new type of automatic chicken waterer that provides the best method of getting water to chickens while at the same time keeping the water clean.