Common Poultry Terms

| 4/1/2016 10:24:00 AM

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There are a lot of specific terms about poultry you might not be familair with.  If you’re thinking about getting chickens, ducks, geese, or other fowl, it’s good to get used to these common terms.  Here are some of the farmyard poultry terms you might come across.

Bantam – A smaller variety of chickens and ducks.  Some chicken breeds are available in both a standard and bantam size, while others are only bantam. There are a few breeds which are “true bantams”, meaning they only occur in smaller sizes, as well as varieties that have standard size chicken equivalents.  While the exact history of bantams is up for debate, it’s said they developed through a combination of natural selection and careful breeding.  Bantams are particularly popular as pets because of their size and wide variety of fancy color and feather patterns.


Beard – The most common term for the bunch of feathers under some chicken’s chins.  Varieties that display beards include Americanas and varieties of d’Uccles.  This unique feathering gives these breeds a very distinct appearance.

Bloom - The natural coating an egg is laid with.  Not to be confused with the shell, bloom is a thin film that seals the pores on the eggshell, helping them stay fresh. Washing removes the bloom, so store bought eggs will not have this natural layer.

Broiler – Chicken breeds which are bred and raised specifically for meat production.  These breeds will gain weight faster than other chicken breeds.

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