Certified Humane Raised and Handled Program

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The nonprofit organization Humane Farm Animal Care has created a program to certify that cows and other livestock raised for food products are well cared for by those who raise them.

Humane Farm Animal Care, a national nonprofit organization, is working for the welfare of animals with its Certified Humane Raised and Handled program. The program prioritizes animals’ care above their commercialization and sets standards that producers must meet for their products to receive the program’s label. The standards include prohibiting growth hormones and antibiotics; sufficient, clean and nutritious feed and water; and compliance with food safety and environmental regulations; among others.

The program is concerned with animals’ welfare regardless of the farming system involved, meaning the animals aren’t necessarily free-range or organic, but they are comfortable and cared for from stable to table. To learn more, go to Certifiedhumane.org, where you’ll find a full list of standards and certified producers, as well as a Take Action page that can help you talk to local grocers and restaurants about carrying Certified Humane products.

Amanda Sorell is an Assistant Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

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