Caulk Tool with a Professional Looking Result

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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When I find something that works as advertised I like to share that information. When it comes to applying caulk and coming up with a nice professional seam I would be the last person you would ever want to call in order to achieve that result. While I was going through one of the thousands of catalogs that fill our mailbox I came across this little tool that said having professional caulk seams was simple and easy. For someone like myself who has always used my finger and then spent days getting that caulk out from under and around my finger nail I thought I would give this little device a try.

When it arrived in the mail I set it aside and finally just today I had a caulking project. During the winter in the mountains when we are not out shoveling snow I take the available time to do all those little projects that get put off during nice weather. Replacing caulking is one of those jobs. I don’t think in the past that I ever accomplished a nice even seam without getting a gob of caulk on my finger and subsequently on my clothes, face, and hair. Yes, I’m kind of messy when it comes to caulk. I’m not so hot on painting either just for the record.

This little device in the photo can be purchased at most hardware stores or department stores. They all differ somewhat but this one is probably the best thing to come along since sliced bread. As I used it to remove the old caulk I noted how simple it worked. It had one moving part so that is within my capability. I have used a flat screw driver, razor blade scraper, putty knife and pocket knife all with less than efficient results to remove old caulk. Zip, bang with this tool and the old caulk was out. Wiped up the area where new caulk was to be applied and then used the tool to snip off the end of the caulk tube. The hole was just the right size and angle and when I was done I quickly saw that I wasn’t bleeding anywhere. I then lay a bead of caulk along the seam. I used the little rubber thing on the end and voila a professional looking job for the very first time in my caulking life. I cleaned the tool with half a sheet of paper towel and immediately took notice that I did not have caulk on my hands, clothes, face or hair.

So if you see one of these little tools and have a caulking job to do, I would recommend it unless you are one of those people who can make it look professional by doing it free hand. Since I have tried for years to have a professional looking seam and failed, this little tool for $10.00 is just the ticket. It worked just as advertised and the result looks professional. So if you have struggled as I have with applying caulk then you might want to consider this little tool or one like it. Life sure is good.

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