Can You Have Too Much Organic Matter in Your Soil?

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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We had a brief thaw this week and tried to wrestle our swamp bridge back into place, but the bridge insisted on staying put.

Can you have too much organic matter in your soil? Anna shares what we’ve learned so far when it comes to nitrogen in the soil and how that relates to compost levels.

Our water line from the creek froze, which prompted me to try dreaming up some way of controlling the pump so the tank never gets below half full. I also made a post on scraping ice and how maybe an ice scraper shoe attachment might be more effective than a shovel in some cases.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton are feeling hints of Spring already and have been posting about it everyday at their blog. They make and sell a new type of chicken waterer that takes advantage of industrial poultry technology and helps to make keeping chickens a whole lot more fun.