I Make Big Profits Buying and Selling Used Furniture

Create a home business buying and selling used furniture by finding furniture bargains at farm auctions and reselling them at flea markets.

| January/February 1978

Learn how to create a home business buying and selling used furniture.

How to Refinish Used Furniture

Refinishing Used Furniture Tips

Buying and Selling Used Furniture

"Why put your money in the bank and draw earnings of only 5% or 6% per year," asks Kevin D. Grothe of Minneapolis, Minnesota, "when you can invest that same money in 'antiques' and earn a return of 200% or 300% or so per week? " Here's Kevin with all the details.

One day the summer before last, I drove out to a farm auction and spent $7.50 for an old oak armchair, $12 for an oak rocker, and $10 for a chest of drawers. The very next day, I rented a space at the local flea market and easily resold the three pieces of furniture for $120.

On a recent Saturday morning with nothing better to do, I went out looking for bargains at local garage sales. At one sale, I offered to pay $1.00 each for three dresser drawers (sans dresser) that had fancy brass pulls. I later removed the six brass handles, stored the drawers away for some future use, and sold the pulls to an antique dealer for $20.

At another auction, a final bid of $55 got me a round oak table that needed some fixing up. After six or eight pleasurable hours of refinishing, I was able to sell the handsome table right off my own front porch for a tidy $150.

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