Before You Buy a Livestock Guardian Dog or Puppy

| 9/3/2015 11:26:00 AM

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Border Collie puppies

With the increasing use of livestock guardian dogs, we are seeing more inappropriate breeds or crossbred dogs being offered for sale as livestock guardian dogs. If you are not familiar with the recognized breeds of LGDs, you can find the names of the breeds here.

Choosing a pup or a dog from one of these breeds or a cross of these breeds, gives you the very best chance of success. LGD breeds were developed through centuries to be perfectly suited to this work and they inherit a set of genetic behaviors and traits. You cannot train another breed to be a LGD. It is important to remember that LGDs are a specific group of breeds, like herding or hunting breed groups — not a job.

Other breeds do not possess the specific combination of inherited behaviors and traits that make a dog a LGD, including: a longer period of bonding; low prey drive; nurturing and protective instincts toward their charges; sufficient size to deal with large predators; a coat adapted to living outside; and the independence, self-thinking, and defensive aggression to respond to predators or threats.

Guidelines for Selecting a LGD Pup or Adult

9/6/2015 9:29:20 PM

I'm inclined to believe those who have run siblings successfully, they have the proof right there before your eyes, not some sponsored study put out in books:

9/6/2015 8:06:57 PM

With the success I have had, I would have to disagree with your advice and suggest that siblings actually make it easier. I do agree it is important to buy good lgd bloodlines from a reputable breeder. Would love to provide more recent data that can be added to your writings.

9/6/2015 8:01:44 PM

I am new to LGDs but have had great success with the siblings that I have raised. Not sure where your research came from but would love to share with you my experience raising siblings. I know that it is often difficult to get real statistical data, but I can offer input. I have two 1.5 year working siblings on a small farm. I am also currently raising two more.

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