Busy Week at Pomponio Homestead

Reader Contribution by Angela Pomponio
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It’s been a borderline crazy, definitely hectic, week at The Pomponio Homestead of North Central Idaho.  I had two free days before my babysitting resumed, order of 49 chicks arrived, and helping a friend with carpooling her kiddo to our one room schoolhouse started.  When my Dad’s best friend visited Arizona in his RV for a short round trip, my dad took advantage of Larry & Dee’s short visit to send two large stained glass hanging lights home to Boise with them.  My Grandfather made them from my grandma’s drawings and I would love to have them in our forever home. My husband was scheduled for a meeting in Boise Monday so it was kizmet.  After the meeting was rescheduled and his picking up the lamps seemed a possibility instead of reality, I decided to take advantage of my two days and rest my elbow tendonitis (Painted in the inside of the house in a week and a half.)

So Monday we left early, picked up my mother-in-law travel buddy and hit the road.  Then we circled back around and picked up the early arrived chicks at the PO.  Crap!  The brooders were set up in a hurry and my husband left with hasty directions.  Again we were off!  Boise just in time, and then to McCall  with the use of my business partner’s condo for the night. Beautiful sunny driving, foxes in the snowy meadows, good coffee and great company.  The trip scratched that little end of winter wanderlust itch. Five hours of sleep and 3 downed chicks at home and we made it back.  To a husband now gone on business and a severely clogged drain.  Have I ever mentioned how much I distrust garbage disposals?  Gateway to lazy plumbing stuffing I say.

The rest of the week brought 36 hours of plumbing attack. First waged on my own, then with my father in law, and finally with a local handyman who has access to an electric snake and water jet.  Sinks draining at 11:30 pm and another short on hours night of sleep.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the washer running.

Last night, on our way home from picking up our 1/2 pork from Pullman, Washington’s Omache farm, the rabbit rescue began.  Omache raises amazing, happy, healthy pastured pork and lamb and runs a fantastic CSA.  I am so awed by and thankful for those who endeavor to grow our food and risk their literal lives to do so.  To take the leap and hope your hands and land will support you is bold to say the least.  With thoughts of bacon dancing in my head, a fantastic Moscow Food Coop coffee in hand, and thrift store fatigue i rounded a blind corner on Cavendish Hwy only to see a huge white and chocolate spotted rabbit shaking in the ditch.  After several failed attempts to coax, catch or herd this frightened guy I called for back up.

I’m not sure if my father in law feels useful or used by my frequent calls as of late.  He made it in 8 minutes, dog, fishing net and cat carrier in tow.  With my blocking traffic and two surprisingly agile swoops of the net the bunny was safe.  By the time we got to our place the bunny had escaped the net, but allowed himself to be scruffed and put in the carrier.  We put him into the duck/chicken yard and blocked the gaps around the gate with my strawberry patch cage.  I stuffed the crate with straw, poured out scratch and hung the waterer we had obtained when I hand fed the wild orphan bunnies last summer.  That rabbit was hungry.  The chickens chased him for awhile.  As of this morning ducks bunny and hens are civilly ignoring each other and look to be well.

Today is cleaning this house, more like a barn stall at this stage, and catching up.  Tomorrow a bit of nursing work, make a cheesecake, pickup an insulated dog house from my sister for ‘Fish’ the rabbit (fishing net) and have The Millers over for dinner.  Sunday I will figure out the leaky stock tank duck pond, and get all of our moving boxes sorted and organize that garage.  

All in all I haven’t slept much, the house is downright icky, the chicks are hanging on, and we are up one beautiful bunny along with half a pig.  Pretty awesome week if ya ask me! Happy Homesteading y’all.

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