Bubbles With Bozwell

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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When you live remotely in the mountains you take your enjoyment where you find it.  One of our favorite pass times is playing bubbles with Bozwell.  As can be seen he loves to chase them down and bite them.  Nothing harmful in the bubble solution to hurt him and he has great fun jumping up in the air and biting them.  All very much part of our life on our homestead.  All work and no play is not good and that goes for our dogs too.  We take our fun where we can find it and to see our beloved Bozwell chase, catch and leap after bubbles gives us great joy.  

Much here on the mountain is so serious that  having fun sometimes is a needed relief.  It seems that there is always something that needs repair, constructing, or routine maintenance.   Just yesterday morning  on our morning walk we encountered a VERY large bear in the ditch at the edge of our road. Three weeks ago we were on that same walk and saw a mountain lion about 40 yards ahead of us crossing the road.   Being constantly vigilant is prudent if you want to stay healthy.  But  having  spontaneously fun is enough to lighten your heart and improve your spirit and take away some of the seriousness.  I feel sad for those who don’t take time to have fun and experience  enjoyment in those simple but important  joys of life.  No wind meant  ideal conditions to play bubbles, so that is what we did.  

In the winter when we can’t get out to play bubbles like today we play hide and seek inside the house.  We seclude the dogs, then hide mini marshmallows all over the house. Other times we scatter rice puffs and  all three dogs become vacuum cleaners trying to get them all before the others get to them.  Homesteading in a remote area can have its challenges but you have to take time to play too.  Today was playing bubbles with Bozwell.  Our older dog is not much into playing these days; in people years she is 90 years old;  our other German Shepherd just prefers to watch or chase Bozwell,  but Bozwell loves to pop those bubbles.  Just part of life in the mountains.  You just have to stop and have fun sometimes.