Photo of the Week: Animals Don't Observe Daylight Savings Time

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris
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Have you ever wondered why your cow is mad at you when you show up to milk her right on time, the same time you do every day? If it was yesterday, November 6th, it’s probably because you were an hour late.

Daylight Savings Time. We love it in the fall, hate it in the summer. Regardless of our feelings toward it, however, it is still a man-made phenomenon. Nature didn’t plug it into our mindset; we did that ourselves. We decided it was more important to have more daylight to get work done.

The animals in our lives don’t feel that way. As one keen editor here at MOTHER EARTH NEWS put it, “Animals don’t observe Daylight Savings Time.” They are used to eating, exercising, and being milked at certain times. Whether it be an hour early or hour late, we throw that schedule off with daylight savings time. It may only be for a day or week, but don’t be surprised if the cow/cat/chickens are mad at you for being late this week. They’ll eventually get on the same schedule, but you’re going to know they don’t appreciate it.

So often we forget that many of the things that come naturally and so easily to us humans do not fit so naturally with our natural surroundings. The sun is going to rise regardless of what time we think it should. The cow is going to be milked. The morning may come sooner than wanted if we forget to wake up for the anxious cat. And that rooster. He’s going to crow at the same time whether you like it or not.

Since the topic is animals, here is a wonderful shot of a little bird searching for berries. I like the zoom in this shot, although, it looks like the photographer was almost caught taking the picture. The shot was taken at a great time. The bird’s full body is in view, from tail to beak.

The colors in this shot are beautiful, as well. The reds and greens with a light splash of the bird’s neutral color mix well. The only issue with the color is the bird’s legs nearly blend in with the twigs. Sneaky little thing, huh?

I’ll bet its scavenging schedule doesn’t care what our clocks say.

So here’s the deal with the “Photo of the Week” blogs: It’s November. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas is not too far behind. This is always an interesting time of the year. It’s still fall but seems like winter. 

What defines this time of the year for you? Is it the first snowfall? Maybe the deer running through the woods? Or is it the flocks of birds migrating?

Whatever it is, shoot a few pictures of it and upload them to our photo site. Your photos are what make this blog happen and we here at MOTHER love the images you capture.

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