Which Is the Best Garden Tractor?

Reader Contribution by Lindsey Siegele
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The weather is warming up, and lawns and gardens are begging for some affection. With summer quickly approaching, it’s time for heavy-duty yard work. Nothing says, “I love my yard,” “My yard loves me,” and, “Have you seen my 26 horsepower, V-Twin, six-speed, 54-inch cutting deck machine?!” like a tractor.

Garden tractor owners can get pretty heated about their makes and models. Whether it’s Craftsman, John Deere, Cub Cadet or Sears, we’re guessing you have something to say about this subject.

Which garden tractor will you be mowing and hauling with this year? Which is the best garden tractor? High-quality tractors can cost a pretty penny (check out the Kubota GR2100 for $8,200 in this Popular Mechanics review). If you had unlimited funds, which dream garden tractors would you choose?

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Photo by iStockPhoto/Alexandr Potapov.