Is There Any Way to Keep the Goats Confined Without Putting in a New Fence?

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My three goats have recently started jumping their fencing. Is there any way to keep the goats confined without putting in a new fence?

Melissa Szymanski

Lapeer, Michigan

I’m glad you got some goats. They’re great. They do, however, like to get out and go on adventures.

Are you sure your goats are jumping out? They do jump, of course, but most goat owners discover that their animals are more likely to go under the fence than over it.

Either way, the goat owner’s friend is electric netting. Electric netting is relatively affordable and can be charged either from a battery at the outlet or from a solar unit. Best of all, it’s easy to move, so you can put it around the berries in berry season and around the tomatoes during tomato season. And because the goats won’t want any contact with the netting, they aren’t likely to go under or over it.

If you can’t afford to enclose the whole pasture, you can easily move the netting every few days. It’s a great way to manage your forage.

— Bryan Welch, publisher and editorial director

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