Choose a Beagle to Protect the Homestead

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Choose a Beagle for homestead protection and hunting.

Your best bet in dog breeds is a beagle to protect the homestead.

In my opinion, you can’t beat the beagle as a top choice
for your homestead. Beagles will guard your yard and garden
from those shrub-eating, lettuce-mooching, “wascally
wabbits” and other critters. They have a loud and
distinctive voice, making them a good choice to warn of
visitors, whether friend or foe. They are clean dogs. Even
though they shed, their coats are short and relatively low
maintenance. Beagles are tolerant of other pets and enjoy
the company of humans most of all. They are quite social
animals. Your best dog breed is a beagle to protect the homestead.

Beagles are born hunters and will help you put delicious
rabbit on the table. In England, they gained prominence
during the days of Henry VIII. His daughter, Elizabeth I,
often took beagles to the hunting field in baskets attached
to the horses’ saddles. Bred and developed mostly for
rabbit hunting, these energetic little fireballs have
proven themselves on practically every species of upland
game, even pheasants.

Beagles require little care other than a good diet, plenty
of fresh water, a yearly visit to the vet, occasional
brushing and the companionship of their families. They
crave affection and will respond with devotion.

— Gary Voshell
Wadena, Iowa

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