Annual Family Hay Ride

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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One of our annual traditions is to buy a bale of alfalfa hay and spread it out on our small utility trailer and take ourselves and the  kids for a hay ride.  I guess that just goes to show how spoiled our dogs really are.  We have an old logging trail that runs the length of our property and we take them two at a time along that trail and back again in our small trailer and Kubota tractor. When we are done going on as many hay rides as we can get in, we then leave the hay on the wagon for the deer and elk to eat.

It is a fun adventure for our family and the smell of hay along with the smell of autumn, the quiet slow ride along that trail makes for a very fun time.  This is something we have been doing now for many years and everyone looks forward to the trip.  We have taken a couple hay rides with adult friends in the past but it is evident that for an adult it is like riding the little children’s ride at the State Fair.  

So as the nights are getting cooler in the mountains, the aspen leaves starting to change to various shades of yellow, the nip in the air, the wood stove already going inside, the time was right for our once a year hay ride.  In another couple weeks the garden will be finished – most of it is done now – and the pine needles smelling so good, the time seemed just right for another one of our fun adventures.  

For more on our mountain living check our blog at It won’t be long now before we both will be on the working end of our snow shovels so we try to work in some fun whenever the opportunity becomes available. Even though we have our firewood split we will work on getting more in until the snow flies. You just never know if you have a sufficient amount or how hard our winter will be.  So today was a day for fun and memories.