An Interview With Railey Farm & Field

| 3/7/2017 1:30:00 PM

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Scott and Kathy Railey of Goodwater, Alabama are two great friends of our family. Together, they have built Railey Farm & Field, where they are dedicated to teaching people about self-sufficiency through sustainable agriculture. Scott is a mountain of a man with a humble heart, who currently pastors three growing, small-town churches in the area. Kathy is a gentle soul, who loves her pet chickens and currently works as the Human Resources manager for a large printing and promotions company.

The Railey farm is a beautiful little place located in the Appalachian foothills of Alabama, and they take pride in their home. Out front, one can see a large corn crib built in the style of the old days, that we personally had the pleasure of cutting lumber for. The corn crib is the center of Scott and Kathy's business, where they are selling heirloom seed that is intended to help their fellow man learn to feed both himself and his family.

During the Spring, they have a busy garden filled with fresh produce and a crowd of honeybees doing their duty. Dominique and Rhode Island Red hens cackle throughout the day as they lay fresh eggs, always on the lookout for Mrs. Kathy to bring them a handful of tasty treats. Scott can be found out in the fields on these sunny days, tending large plots of corn atop an antique 1959 Farmall 140 tractor. Winter months bring a slowed pace, but they've been managing the wildlife, and it's time to hunt deer and turkey.


We wanted to sit down and ask Scott and Kathy a few questions about their farm, allowing us to introduce you to this wonderful couple, while also sharing their enthusiasm for heirloom crops, hunting, and family!

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