A Year in the Round: A Domestic Sunday!

Reader Contribution by Natalie Morris
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 It’s been damp here in SW Virginia. Not particularly wet, but everything I own has a chilled, moist feeling. Like an invisible used towel has been strewn across each of my belongings and left overnight, removed just prior to my touch. My bedding, my clothes, my books, socks. Mildew is sprouting on my wood cutting board. There is little sunlight and lots of clouds. Some bearing rain, some just inhibiting the tiny water droplets from making their way back up toward the sun. Evaporation is grounded, it can not come out to play.

With little on my agenda yesterday, and a fully restored sleep stock, I decided to make it a domestic day. A day of airing out the tipi, my belongings, and cleaning as best I could. It had not been done thoroughly in some time.

 Airing and sunning my “closet” was first on the list, as I’d prefer not to wear a mildew farm everywhere I go. The stink bugs really enjoy my wardrobe. On one shirt, I flicked eight of them away. I end up taking one with me wherever I go. They’re in my purse and on my clothes. In/on my shoes, too.

Following suit was just like every other house cleaning day in America; sweeping, dusting, wiping smoke residue off of flat surfaces, and figuring out what to do with my new rodent neighbors.

Rodents! What do I do about them?! They are eating my t.p., paper towels and now exploring my bed. They haven’t taken any food because they can’t. It’s in jars and cans. I was fine with the t.p. and paper towels being borrowed, and I even made them their own little stash to keep them at bay. But since they’ve starting hanging out in my bedding and going shopping in my clothes, it’s high time to start taking more serious action. Hidden booby traps are likely my best option. I dare not use poison with the nosey canines that frequent the area…

But of course, after a deep cleansing of my home, it’s only fair to treat my body to one as well. Many thanks to my personal bathroom-butler-bush.