7 Myths and One Truth About Soap Making

| 3/13/2017 10:27:00 AM

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A lot of people shy away from making soap because they think it is really complicated and dangerous as they have had many horror stories about soaps gone wrong. Reading a soap making recipe can certainly give you that impression. But mostly they are just very detailed to keep you out of trouble.

My first soap recipe with all the detailed instructions was two pages long and I was very intimidated. A friend took me under her wing and we made my first batch of soap together. At the end I thought: “This is it?” and I have never looked back.

In this blog post,  let’s address a few facts and common myths about soap making and get you familiar with some of the terminology that you need to know about one method of making soap, the Cold Process method. Other methods exist, but frankly, I’m not very familiar with those and I’ll leave blogs about those to people who can actually talk about themJ. I also want to mention that any experience described in this and following blogs are from personal experience. Any of those perfect batches, imperfect batches and bombed batches have been made by yours truly.

1. Soap Can Be Made Without Lye – FALSE

In order to make soap, lye has to be used.  That is the definition of soap. An alkali (lye) combines with a fat (animal or vegetable) and makes soap. Now, there are kits on the market being sold as soap making kits, which consist of a soap base that is melted and poured into molds.  Even here that original soap base was made with lye. All you are doing is reshaping that soap base and possibly coloring it. By the way, these soap kits are the safer way to make soap with younger children or anyone who you do not want to be around lye.  Adult supervision is always a must even here.

2. Soap Making is Difficult - FALSE

Soap Making is really not hard. You just have to be able to read and follow a recipe and follow some safety rules.  Just like baking a cake. Measure out the ingredients carefully and exactly and put them into the bowl in the correct order. Baking and making soap alike are not forgiving like cooking. In cooking, we have more liberty to toss in this and that, a bit more of this and a bit more of that, and substitute. In baking and soap making not so.

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