7 Months and Counting

Reader Contribution by Antonette Vasseur
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This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, but a blessing none the less. We had just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday when we conceived. It was a bumpy road to getting the clear answer that this pregnancy was okay. We had mourned the loss of the pregnancy, only to be told a week later that my hcg levels were normal and baby was healthy. Seven months later, and here we are! 

 We are planning another home birth with the same Midwife that we had for Evangélina’s birth . I am hoping to have a water birth this time around. Being in the birth pool the last birth helped me manage my contractions, and gave me a huge sense of relief between each one. There is something so peaceful about the idea of bringing a child earthside into calm, warm waters.

The sex of this baby is a surprise. I have enjoyed not knowing the sex and haven’t had an itch to know. Being a planner, and needing to know everything, this is very outside of my element, yet very refreshing. Not only am I excited about planning another homebirth, and meeting this new little person, but also finding out if it is a girl or boy on its birthing day. I want to celebrate all that he/she is on that day. It’s not something I feel I need to know now. During this pregnancy I have imagined this baby as just a person, not a gender. I haven’t looked at pink dresses or bright blue onesies. I am just enjoying my baby and all that they are, growing and nourishing inside of me now. I like to lay at night and rub my belly while baby dances and say “I love you”. No name. No image of me telling a boy or girl. Just quite simply “I love…YOU“.  

Today I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant. People are noticing my belly on my six-foot frame, and asking me when I am due, holding open doors, or giving me the “Oh wow, you DO have your hands full” look when they see I am pregnant and chasing down an 18-month old. So far I feel wonderful this pregnancy. I am trying to take in every moment, as this will probably be my last pregnancy. I have been journaling, working on Birth Art, practicing birth hypnosis and continuing my daily yoga practice. This journey is sacred and I want to treat it as such. Some days it’s hard to be mindful of this journey. Sometimes I just try to get through the day till my head hits the pillow. Other days I am full of energy and I can actually manage to get all the laundry done. 

I want this space to be a place where I can share the next few months with you. I plan on bringing you along with me as I prepare our new home for a homebirth, meeting my midwives and seeing what a visit with a homebirth midwife is like .There will be many guests posts from people in the natural/homebirthing community, as well as birth stories from moms and dads. I want to answer any questions you might have about homebirth or even midwifery care. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below and I will try my best to get to them all.

Next week: Sacred Pregnancy guest post by Anni Daulter, and my 7 month visit with my Home Birth Midwives