5 Ways You Can Get Get Cash Back on Homesteading Equipment

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Homesteading equipment could represent purchases you use for years to come. But the potential rewards start even earlier if you know how to get cash back on the homesteading necessities you choose.

Here are five avenues to try if getting cash back incentives is your goal.

1. Shop at a Retailer That Offers Cash Back Specials

It’s worth researching to see whether some of the merchants you normally buy homesteading equipment from offer cash back incentives. For example, Mahindra, a retailer of tractors and utility vehicles, has a specials section on their website, and some of the perks there relate to customers getting cash back for qualifying purchases. KIOTI is another brand that has a cash back program, and they offer up to $6,000 in rebates on tractors or tractor packages.

If you take this approach to getting cash back, be sure to read the fine print associated with any offers to avoid disappointment. Most brands have specifications that apply to their cash back offers. So you may need to buy your stuff within a particular time frame, spend a minimum amount, or purchase certain models to qualify. Knowing those things before finalizing your purchase should streamline the entire process.

2. Use Ebates and Filter the Search Results for Farm Equipment Stores

Ebates is a company that receives incentives from participating stores for the extra business generated by Ebates customers. Then, in return, people who use Ebates to shop get cash back rewards. Ebates spans beyond stores that offer equipment for your homestead, but Blain’s Farm & Fleet and Tractor Supply Company are two farming-specific companies taking part in Ebates.

Amazon is another store you’ll find on Ebates, and there’s a good chance you can get some of the farm equipment you need there, too. Whether you’re looking for a hog catcher or a pH reader for your soil, Amazon has those pieces of farm equipment and many others.

Once you start using Ebates, your cash back rewards get tracked on your user dashboard. Then, it’s easy to see how your Ebates usage pays off. It’s also useful to investigate other cash back sites that work similarly to Ebates to see if they could help you receive cash back for homesteading equipment. Ebates is the one mentioned here because its directory showed some relevant sites, making it a sure thing.

3. Download the Receipt Hog App

It’s also possible to get cash back after scanning your receipts whenever you shop. Receipt Hog is an app that incentivizes users for taking pictures of the receipts they get when shopping anywhere and buying anything. Brands use receipt-based information about your shopping habits to make more informed decisions about their future marketing methods. More specifically, all your data gets anonymized and reported in the market research reports that brands buy.

Uploading a receipt earns you coins that you can redeem for cash through PayPal, or opt to receive a Visa gift card or Amazon gift card instead. You can also maximize the cash back potential by getting into the habit of uploading receipts as soon as you buy something for your homestead — or anything else. It’s a good idea to do that, since you must submit all receipts within two weeks of the purchase.

4. Get a Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

There is a growing number of credit cards that give people cash for the things they buy. The providers usually offer an assortment of ways to redeem those rewards, too. For example, you may get them in the form of balance reductions on your credit card statement or receive the cash back rewards as bank account deposits.

If you use these credit cards for more than homesteading equipment, it’ll be easier to build up your cash back rewards faster. With that in mind, pay close attention to whether some categories of products are worth more rewards than others. For example, some cash back cards give you a higher rewards percentage when you shop at supermarkets, dine out or fill up your car with gas.

On the other hand, some people find it easier to calculate their rewards if they sign up for a card that gives a single flat rate rewards percentage for everything purchased with it, regardless of the category.

5. Use TopCashback When Shopping for Homesteading Equipment on eBay

You can also get cash back for purchases after buying your homesteading equipment via eBay. TopCashback is one site which offers that, and it gives up to 1.5% cash back on eBay items. Like most of the other suggestions on this list, it’s a good idea to read the details before committing. For example, TopCashback has some excluded categories — like gift cards and power tools.

However, you should be in the clear for cash back by sticking to agricultural equipment and keeping an eye on the excluded categories to see if they change. It’s also worth knowing that you can get cash back whether you bid for things or use the Buy It Now option.

More Money to Enjoy

There’s no way around dipping into your bank account to buy the things you need to keep your homestead running smoothly. But thanks to these five tips, you can earn cash back as you do it.

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