No Gas at the Pumps ... No Power in the Grid

| 9/2/2010 10:37:18 PM

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No Gas At Pumps

No Driving … No Generators ... No Toast

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Do I think it is going to happen? Probably not. I certainly hope not. But it is possible and if you are reading this, it has crossed your mind too. (At another time, we can discuss how it might happen.)

In the meantime, “No gas at the pump … no power in the grid” is an important scenario for us to consider. After all, Western civilization – that is “us” – is based upon cheap and available energy. What are we willing to do for that energy? Will we go to war for it? Will we give up our standard of living? Do we want to figure out how to live better on less energy? I choose the latter. Two questions, then: How much energy do we really need?

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Dick Stewart
11/28/2011 5:48:14 PM

Hey Craig! Ain't social networking wonderful? In 1967 you and I (and your brother Bruce) were at the University of Illinois. You were studying Industrial Design and I was in the School of Architecture, but when we were not doing all-nighters on design projects we hung out with the motorcycle crowd. I remember drag racing against Bruce's 5-ported YR-1 on the unopened stretch of I-74 on my Triumph T-100. I won, but my bike was shaken to pieces at the end. When you created the prototype for the frame-mounted fairing, my roommate got the first one for his Yamaha YDS-3 and I got the second for my new YR-1. After graduation and a tour in the Army, I saw your Triumph triple custom in the offices of Road & Track in Newport Beach and immediately recognized your design style. I stilll have the Vetter decal for my fairing. I used my Terlingua Racing Team decals instead. I'd love to hear from you after all these years.

Sean Wenger
1/17/2011 11:09:44 PM

Hello Craig, Thank you for posting your answers to your questions. I was hoping that you would get more feedback on this topic as am not about to move from my country any time soon.. I also noticed that the replies "thus far" don't seem to address the situation your Blog Topic suggests. Perhaps I over-stepped when I posted those questions that I would consider. However, I am curious if there is anyone else out there willing to post on their experience. If we run into a problem (no gas, no power) how do we answer to that situation? I do realize that the answers will not be universal and that is exactly what I would like to see (different reactions to the same scenario). Homesteading seems reasonable (for my situation) but how do I go about that? How does a homestead run without Gas and Power? Also.. I see there is a "Racing for the RIGHT reasons" on your Home Page. Are you re-opening The Vetter Fuel Economy Contest? I would love to race against you; for the RIGHT reasons. In reality, we are racing together, towards a best response; not only to the challenge of the contest, but to the challenges of our time. Crimson

Craig Vetter
1/10/2011 9:43:07 PM

Crimson: The answer to all those questions is best summed up like this for me: Move to a place where it is not too warm and not too cold with water and good soil. I moved to such a place 30 years ago. Everything gets easier when you begin like this. Where I live, the natives slapped mud on themselves to stay warm. They picked berries that grow all year 'round. They fished. Live was easy. It is not hard to live here. Where some of my relatives live, it is 20 degrees right now. Do you see how answers to your questions are not universal?

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