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| 5/30/2013 1:34:00 PM

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Don’t pay the ransom, I escaped!

Back in high school, that was the excuse I used when I was late for class. It worked exactly once. More on that at the end of this blog. But first…

Jack and his cars

Manifesting his Posture Of Power, the alien wizard silently levitated back to his landing craft.

Well, not exactly. This camera has a fast timer. I wanted to get a photo of my friend Dave and myself before we hopped in our cars and headed to the Bay Area Maker Faire, which is sort of the season opener for interesting DIY shows. It’s about 600 miles each way (we took the coast route) so we left early Friday morning, May 16, and arrived before sunset to set up our displays … which was pretty dang easy, since all we had to do was drive in and park.

MAX and Maxine

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