2010 Best Green Cars

By John Rockhold 

April/May 2010 

For our 2010 Best Green Cars list, we shine the spotlight on six reliable vehicles capable of 40 mpg or better. The winners are the Ford Fusion Hybrid, The Honda Civic Hybrid, the Honda Insight, the Toyota Prius, the Volkswagen Golf TDI and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. To learn more about the criteria for the 2010 Best Green Cars list, read the companion article The New Era of High-MPG Cars.

Best Green Cars, Data Explained

Price Range: range of manufacturer’s suggested retail price + destination fee for different trim levels
EPA City/Hwy MPG: official mpg estimates for city and highway driving; your mileage may vary
Annual Fuel Cost: assumes $2.85/gallon regular gasoline, $3.00/gallon diesel, with 15,000 miles driven annually at 55% city, 45% highway
Air Pollution Score: from the EPA; zero = most tailpipe emissions, 10 = least
Greenhouse Gas Score: from the EPA; zero = most greenhouse gas emissions, 10 = least
UCS Hybrid Value: from the Union of Concerned Scientists; a measure of the bang for your buck of the hybrid system; best rating is Very High; learn more at Hybrid Center.
ACEEE Green Score: from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; the higher the score, the more eco-friendly the car; highest 2010 score is 57; learn more at ACEEE’s Green Book online.


2010 Ford Fusion HybridFord Fusion

Type: Gasoline-electric hybrid, sedan
Price Range: $28,675 – $32,620
EPA City/Hwy MPG: 41/36
Annual Fuel Cost: $1,096
Air Pollution Score: 8
Greenhouse Gas Score: 10
UCS Hybrid Value: High
ACEEE Green Score: 47