MAX Update No. 36: Kinetic Vehicles Robbed!

Reader Contribution by Staff

This is more of a “downdate” than an update, but I thought you’d like to know what happened. We suffered a thrilling daylight burglary on Friday morning, October 9. OK, it wasn’t all that thrilling — we left Kinetic for breakfast at 9, came back at 10, and the door was open with the lock broken off. “Golly,” I said to my secretary, although not in those words, “I wonder if anything’s missing.”

Not much, actually: two laptop computers, two briefcases, and one external hard drive. It doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well it was bad, because Friday is Backup Day, in which we back up our laptops with each other, and back them both up with a hard drive we keep at a secret location 10 miles from the shop … except during work hours on Fridays when I watch that backup drive like a hawk and add the week’s work to its archives … except during mealtimes, when we leave our work at the office.

So we were backed up solid, ready to restore from any computer crash, even ready to recover from any burglary, any fire less than 10 miles long (hey, we’re in the Oregon woods, we’ve seen worse) and most natural catastrophes, provided any of this didn’t happen on Friday between 9 and 10 a.m. (breakfast) or 1 and 2 p.m. (lunch). As you would guess, a whole lot of MAX data is (was) in electronic form, such as all MAX’s test results to date, and all the new body part drawings.

I’ve spent the last week looking for a silver lining to this cloud, and indeed I’ve found one: Now we get to work with a clean slate. For example, the “new” body (other than the roof) was designed over two years ago, and all the parts painstakingly rendered, ready for manufacturing. I’ve learned a bit more about automobile aerodynamics since then, but it was too much work to change the drawings if I didn’t have to. Now I have to. I may have even learned a thing or two about testing since MAX hit the road. Now I have to run those tests over again. And since I absolutely hate doing the same work over again the same way, I’m dang near guaranteed to do it better the second time.

Mind you, I’m not yet ready to send the burglars a thank you note. But chances are MAX will be slightly improved by this ordeal. And me? I’ll probably be slightly improved too, since I won’t be squandering my evenings in pool halls and movie theaters any more. I’ll be slaving away in my garret, drafting new MAX drawings on my replacement computer — the one handcuffed to my wrist, of course.

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