MAX Update No. 73: Fenders Sans Benders

| 6/1/2011 9:40:20 AM

Tags: MAX, 100 mpg, streamlining, gas mileage, nose, fiberglass, mold, fenders, Jack McCornack,

This is what I should have done the first time, but I was so busy DIY-ing that I neglected that Ye Olde Custom Car Techniques are the best way to make car parts ONLY if you only want to make one part. Why would I ever want to make another one, you may well ask, and I would roll my eyes and say, “Well, duh!” as if I knew it all along. So here are three good reasons:

1. I might want to make another streamlined MAX.

2. You might want to make a streamlined MAX of your own.

3. I might do something stupid such as back into a mountain at a high rate of speed, and might need replacement rear fenders. Again.

MU73aFenderPatternArmed with the wisdom of experience (who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?) I began tooling a permanent mold so we could pop out fenders like cookies, though of course with fewer raisins.

The first step is to make a pattern, which is merely a full scale model of the fender, made with care and precision but without much concern for weight. Also, to make the right and left symmetrical, I cleverly made both fender patterns as one piece and cut them in half when I was done. Before I got to the cutting in half phase of the operation, kibbitzers and hecklers said things like “That’s sure going to be a narrow car” but I got used to it.

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