MAX Update No. 12: Arrival at Berkeley

| 10/10/2008 1:14:03 PM

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MAX in CaliforniaSharon (that's her in the brown jacket) and I got to Shipyard Labs about sundown (Thursday) for the  Escape from Berkeley (by any non-petroleum means possible) event. It was just getting dark enough to need flash for this photo. MAX performed admirably — and on short notice, to boot.

I'd given MAX a 90.38 mile test drive (ain't GPS wonderful?), had a bunch of errands to do anyway, and nothing fell off so we hit the road. Got to Eureka that night, about 10:00, went to Curtis Unlimited (a name to remember if you drive a vintage Lotus race car) and got a pair of '60s-style fenders mounted. Got three hours of sleep (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.) and drove to Berkeley down back roads. It was a beautiful drive and great fun, but I'm getting too old for these hours.

Now we just have to paint the fenders and ... oh yeah, we got the Plant Drive system installed before we left Oregon, but in order to get to the Curtis' at a reasonable hour (hey, they're night owls) we're going to do our veggie oil testing and debugging today (Friday, October 10). Then there's the party Friday night, then the race — I mean competition event — Saturday.

When I was 15, I brought home an “A” on a term paper I'd written the night before, and I told my dad, “Hey, I do my best work under pressure.” He smiled and said, ”Jack, you do your only work under pressure.” Smart guy, that dad.

PS: Those errands I ran on Tuesday? It was 19 stops (auto parts shops, a dive shop, a costume shop) in two towns. The driving was a good city/highway mix, and MAX got 60 mpg. That’s better than a Prius, and we haven't done any streamlining yet.

PPS: If you're around, you gotta come to the party Friday night. Shipyard Labs is at 1010 Murray in Berkeley. Festivities begin at 8.

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