The Recycled Log Cabin

| 8/20/2014 1:38:00 PM

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recycled log cabin

I live in a what I call a recycled log cabin. Half of the logs came from an 1800's log cabin from around the Nashville area.

My home is located on The Farm Community, one of the oldest, largest and most successful intentional communities/ecovillages in the world.

log support beams

Much of the cabin's  initial construction took place in the 1970's, when the community's members lived under a communal economy. The Farm's economic structure changed in the early 1980's, a shift which made each family financially responsible for any future improvements and maintenance of their home. My family took possession of the cabin in 1985.

Building With Recycled Lumber

The original cabin was disassembled by Farm work crews at its original location in Nashville, Tenn., and the cedar logs were re-stacked back on The Farm to form one half of this home. 

Keith Robinson
8/29/2014 11:59:53 PM

I am not into duplex living, but that is a really neat house! I think though, it still is a useful endeavor to try and salvage building materials. thanks for the article. those logs from the 1700's blow my mind!

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