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| 5/16/2012 2:04:00 PM

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Straw Bale HomeI’m curious about building a straw bale house. What are some good resources to consult? 

This method of building uses densely packed straw bales covered with a thick layer of plaster. Properly constructed straw bale houses are energy efficient and, if you construct one yourself, relatively inexpensive to build. Another part of straw bale building’s appeal is that you don’t need special skills for some of the construction process, so friends and family can help you smear on the plaster to finish the house, for instance.

To learn more about this intriguing natural building technique, a great book is More Straw Bale Building: A Complete Guide to Designing and Building With Straw by Chris Magwood and Peter Mack. Also check out our article Expert Advice on Straw Bale Building.

— Vicki Mattern, Contributing Editor 

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Grace Griggs
6/22/2012 6:33:45 AM

Need answer: We have a roof which buts against a chinked log cabin outside wall. However, the roof/flashing isn't flush to the log wall. No leakage noted so far, but am concerned about the gaping. Is the gap ok nor is there a better way to roof/flash to the log/chinked wall? (Newly purchased home.) Thank you, Rod and Grace Garrison

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