Better Wood Heat: Rocket Mass Heater FAQs Answered

| 8/15/2016 9:35:00 PM

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Rocket Mass Heater In TP

What Is a Rocket Mass Heater?

First, let me just start off by saying that as a full-time resident of a very rural community in hardiness Zone 3b, heat is a priority for me — a big one. However, as a working mother of an adorable tornado of a toddler, time is limited, and I just don’t have all summer and fall to help my husband gather and split wood anymore.

Simply put: I love rocket mass heaters. I love the idea of splitting less wood. Of doing less work. There, I said it.

Rocket mass heaters are essentially a wood-burning stove, but with a few interesting adjustments that make it crazy efficient. These heaters can burn up to 90% less wood (seriously, these things runs off of twigs). And thanks to the addition of thermal mass, they’re wonderfully effective at not only heating a space, but keeping it warm long after the fire goes out.

How Do Rocket Mass Heaters Work?

Rocket mass heaters burn a little differently that a typical wood stove, and by that I mean they burn sideways. Yep. Sideways fire. It’s pretty cool.

The rocket stove itself is essential a burn chamber that extends horizontally into a vertical stack inside of a large insulated barrel, which we call the core of the rocket stove. This core is super insulated, which creates a strong draft to pull the flame back into the core, and keep smoke from backing up into your house.

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