Greening A Neighborhood Planning Process

| 6/12/2018 9:35:00 AM

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People at a monthly neighborhood meeting share ideas for creating a more resilient neighborhood 

Creating A Green and Resilient Neighborhood Plan

Here in Eugene, Oregon, our neighborhood association, the River Road Community Organization [RRCO], has an unprecedented opportunity for greening the neighborhood.

First. What is a neighborhood association [NA]? Many cities have neighborhood programs. That means, the city has staff and budget to help support NAs in the city or town's identified neighborhoods to address the issues of the neighborhood. That could be traffic, land use, the environment, crime. Those who participate help set the agenda.

Typically, a neighborhood association has a public meeting once a month. There is a board and various positions and committees depending on how active or large the group is. An NA has a charter, can be a non profit, have a website, newsletter, facebook page or other tools to reach out.

In some cities that don't have a neighborhood program, people have taken initiative to create various types of neighborhood groups independent of the city. A neighborhood association is not the same as a home owners association although they might have similar interests. A crime watch neighborhood group can also address issues similar to a neighborhood association. Certainly, any group of neighbors can form any kind of association they like to address issues important to them.

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