8 Huge Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

| 2/2/2017 9:44:00 AM

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Tiny houses are everywhere! These tiny, compact, affordable houses are the perfect addition to any family. Just look up Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders, or Tiny House Nation. The blogs and TV shows show how popular the craze is right now, especially with the cost of owning a “normal house” growing out of proportion. But, besides the cost effectiveness of owning and living in a tiny house, there are tons of benefits. Ability to travel, eco-friendly living, less money decorating and cleaning, to just name a few. Together, we will go over the top 10 benefits of living in a tiny house, and hey, you might even want to start considering one.

Building a Tiny House Costs Much Less than a “Normal House”

Not everyone has the knowledge to build their own tiny house, so they have engineers design it for them. Obviously, due to this or any construction project, things are going to cost a little bit of dough. Luckily, however, tiny house costs a lot less than an average house. As a matter of fact, tiny houses only cost a fraction of the cost traditional cost due to only needing a fraction of the materials. And, you can find free tiny house plans from all over the internet if you don't want to hire someone to design it for you. This cost usually runs from $20-50,000 making it a little easier to pay without needing a mortgage. However, most banks would gladly hand over this small loan payment if you needed a mortgage since it's so much smaller than a traditional home loan.

You Can Travel the Country With Ease

If you build a tiny house on wheels, you can literally attach your home to your car and drive anywhere in the country. You can even set up shop. Never again will you deal with the struggle of finding some cheap hotel room on vacation when you can take your entire home with you. Whether it's the Grand Canyons or visiting the many trails of Vermont, you are completely covered to travel wherever and whenever you want.

But what about electricity, water, or sewer needs? You’ll never need them again...well...maybe some of them. Since most tiny houses have solar and rain barrels built into them, your house kind of takes care of itself. Think of a tiny house like an RV, wherever an RV can go you can go. You can even get a tiny house suited with RV hookups for easier stays at campsites.

Say Goodbye to Future Big Moves

New Job and need to move? No worries! Just pack up your house, attach it to your car, and be on your way. No need to say goodbye to your precious house you spent years in, making new memories, or renting a new house that may not be as good. Instead of jumping from house to house, you can stick with this one and move anywhere your heart desires. The only question is where to move to next?

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