What is the Worst Mistake You Have Experienced Using Super Glue?

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

“Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry.” Remember that DuPont Corporation jingle from TV? Science has given us burpable Tupperware, sticky notes, Windex and … Super Glue. Ah — that wonderful bonding liquid that can repair almost anything from a child’s toy to grandma’s best china. But in tiny print on the tube is a warning that you must not get any of the glue on your skin or you may have body parts that become glued together.

Recently, a fellow staff person was trying to open one of those tiny tubes of Super Glue, the kind you have to poke a pin into to make an opening for the glue to be squeezed out. Right! We all know what happened next, the pin went in and the pin came out along with a squirt of glue that lodged itself between our colleague’s fingers, which she had pressed together accidentally. She said it took most of the day soaking her fingers in dishwater to get them separated without ripping her skin off.

We’re sure there are many of you who’ve had unfortunate experiences with Super Glue, and we’d enjoy hearing about them. You can post your story in the comment section below.

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