Try a Wood Pallet Project

A couple in Vermont has created potting sheds, a greenhouse and more from repurposed wood pallets.

| April/May 2014

My husband has been collecting discarded wood pallets and shipping crates for years. Businesses that receive pallets and shipping crates include hardware and appliance stores, building supply outlets, and manufacturing businesses. The pallets are usually stacked next to dumpsters and are free for the taking. Discarded wood pallets and shipping crates are everywhere; you just have to know where to look!

We burn the pallets that aren’t in the best shape to get free heat during our frigid Vermont winters. With the best pallet wood (and occasional wood shipping containers), my husband has built a greenhouse, toolshed and storage shed. He’s also fenced our garden and put siding on a barn.

For the next wood pallet project, we’re going to replace the living room carpet with wood pallet flooring. Yes — we have enough pallets to do this!

The cost of the wood pallets equals only the cost of the gas to go pick them up. Not only are we keeping the pallets out of the landfill, but we’re also doing the businesses a favor by saving them the trash fee.

Kitty Werner
Waitsfield, Vermont

1/31/2018 6:18:19 PM

The businesses in my area tell me that they have to give the pallets back to the vendors. There is one that said it would sell them to me for $2 each.

1/31/2018 6:18:17 PM

I have found in my area that businesses have to give the pallets back to the vendors, or if they don't have to give them back, they will sell them to you for a couple of dollars, or their home office will give them one dollar each for them. I have found one place that throws them away, but I haven't had the chance to stop by when they throw them out.

5/28/2014 8:07:57 AM

Would love to see some pictures of your projects.

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