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Reader Contribution by Karen Housel and Sustainable Daisy
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A fun task after moving into new housing is the hunt for quirky recycled home décor to liven up the space. Looking for a way to brighten up my own apartment, I brainstormed how to repurpose a dusty, but useful lamp shade that I bought for a couple dollars at the Goodwill. I wanted to transform it to be a cheerful statement piece, so I tested out my own decoupage do-it-yourself project. I am happy to say it was a brilliant success! The best part? It only took an hour, start to finish.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your new space or give your home a mini makeover, this quick repurposing project will add some playful character to any room.

The ability to transform a plain lampshade into a beautifully decorative, functional piece that brings joy to a room shows the value in secondhand materials. It’s an ecochic approach to room renovation that’s affordable, and more often than not, very easy to do! A little imagination, a creative spirit, and a few tools you can find around the house are all you need to give a used lamp shade a fresh lift.

3-Step Upcycled Lamp Shade


• plain lamp shade
• patterned paper
• Mod Podge
• sponge brush
• scissors


1. First, find patterned paper that will fit the decor of your room. This could be magazine clippings, stationary, or even gift wrapping paper. I chose this swirly stationary I had been storing by my desk for months.

2. I cut the paper in a funny design to add some geometric dimension.


3. Place the paper on the lamp and play around with shapes and spacing.

4. When you think you’ve found a good start, use Mod Podge and your sponge brush to adhere the paper to the lamp shade. 


5. Finish gluing the paper to the lamp shade, then use a final coat of Mod Podge to seal the design for a smooth finish. This type of adhesive is great for this DIY because it dries clear and allows light to shine through.

Place the shade on a simple stand and place a baby succulent or neon flower nearby for a finishing touch. Wha-laa! A stunning bedside table with light for those cozy late-night reads.

Until next time, you can find more eco-crafts and sustainable fashion tips on Sustainable Daisy.

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