Two Ways to Use a Shipping Pallet in Your Garden

Reader Contribution by Mike Lieberman
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When you are apartment gardening in a small space, you are forced to be creative due to your space constrictions. Most traditional pots and containers might not work, so you become reliant on reusing objects to better fit your space.

Shipping pallets are one such object that can likely fit your space. You can get them in the back of grocery stores or from your local farmers market. Here are two projects using a shipping pallet in your garden.

Shipping Pallet Herb Garden

This is a project that I’ve done my Los Angeles balcony and costs close to nothing. In this project, I used the shipping pallet and some plastic soda bottles that I got from the recycling bin of my apartment building.

The soda bottles were attached to the pallet in rows and columns of three. This way all you have to do is water the top bottle and the water filters through to the others.

You can check out the full instructions on how to make it here.

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

Fern at Life on the Balcony offers up another creative way to use a shipping pallet in your garden. It requires some landscaping fabric, staple gun and some sand paper.

In her version, you attach the fabric to the back of the pallet and fill it with soil. You are actually filling the pallet with soil, which might get a bit tricky.