Souped-Up Apple Peeler

Turn a hand-powered peeler into a more efficient, easy-to-use electric apple peeler.

| August/September 2011

After picking apples from a friend’s tree, I began using my hand-crank peeler to prepare apple butter. My husband wanted to help, but after peeling only two apples he said it would take forever to peel them all.

Then, he had an idea! He took off the small turning handle and attached his cordless drill to the peeler. He pressed the trigger, and the apple skin flew all over! So, he adjusted the speed to slow it down, and it peeled perfectly and quickly. I had 4 pounds of apples peeled by the time I stopped laughing at his creation.

Amy and Onesto Amodei
Levittown, Pennsylvania

10/29/2017 3:30:37 AM

Cut the apple in quarters. Remove the stem and core. cook with the peel. Why throw away all of the nutrition from the peels. After cooking, strain to remove the skins. ( I learned this from cooking homemade pasta sauce. The tomato sauce goes through, the seeds and skin stay behind.)

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