Spicy Asian Vinegar Recipe

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Learn how to make this affordable spicy Asian vinegar recipe, a great gift for the holidays.

Make this spicy Asian vinegar recipe for an easy, homemade Christmas gift everyone will appreciate.

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Spicy Asian Vinegar Recipe

1 cup rice vinegar (I prefer seasoned)
3 large cloves garlic, peeled and slightly crushed
2-3 small, thin hot peppers (cayenne, serrano), tops cut off so seeds are exposed
10-12 thin slices of ginger root

Insert garlic and hot peppers into bottle. All ingredients must be submerged in vinegar. Using a glass measuring cup, pour the herb vinegar (See the herb vinegar recipe) into the jar. Put lid on, or cork in, and let vinegar sit in a dark place for at least a week. These vinegars keep a long time, but I try to use mine up within six months.