DIY Seasonal Scents

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The majority of commercial air fresheners are filled with an assortment of phthalates and other toxic chemicals, most of which have been linked to a variety of health problems ranging from hormone disruption to a risk of cancer. Stop masking odors with these harsh chemicals and bring the scents of nature into your home with homemade scents for every season.

Scents for Spring

Simple Reed Diffuser

Unlock the power of essential oils and easily freshen indoor air with reed diffusers.

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Essential Oil Air Freshener

Skip the dangerous chemicals and make your own natural air fresheners.

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Cedar Drawer Sachets

Stow away your favorite wool garments with these freshly scented sachets.

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Scents for Summer

Lemon Potpourri

Add a clean, crisp scent to any room with this homemade lemon potpourri.

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Citrus Hand Soap

Energizing chemical-free citrus will eliminate unwanted odors and germs from your hands.

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Cupcake Scented Candles

Celebrate a birthday, or any occasion, with gently scented DIY candles.

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Scents for Fall

Pressed Herb Candles

Put excess herbs to good use with these naturally scented candles.

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Clean with Fall Scents

Use spicy and earthy scented natural cleaners to prepare your home for the coming winter.

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Aromatic Herbal Bath

Sooth and refresh your senses with a relaxing mint-rosemary bath tonic.

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Scents for Winter

Cinnamon-Scented Ornaments

Fill your holiday tree with easy-to-make cinnamon cookie ornaments.

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Fragrant Holiday Décor

Enjoy the scents of the season with inexpensive, natural holiday decorations.

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Cinnamon Stick Wreath

Tie your home to the season and enjoy the warming scent of cinnamon.

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DIY Scent Tips

Looking for more ways to bring nature indoors? Check out these articles to find more DIY projects and tips for weaving nature into your daily life.

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